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Hi, my name is Shae and there is nothing I LOVE MORE than feeding people healthy delicious, inspiring and yummy food. It doesn’t matter what occasion, food is always celebrated and loved. Let me bring you food that is created from my love and passion.

The Truck


My partner in crime is the food truck I affectionately call Betty. She is a well equipped, kitchen on wheels, a beast that brings food to you, fit for any kind of feast. Depending on your event she may need C-way or a rentable generator. Not sure? Just ask… I’m always happy to help.

Flavoured Lifestyle Catering

two of a kind


When it comes to food is there anything more important than flavour?

Double the trouble

Yes… when we create food we not only create it with flavour in mind. We create it with serving size, dietary needs, your event, and who you are feeding.  Wait a minute I think that’s quadruple trouble.

Passion for food

Since I can remember food has been in the heart of me… it’s called the stomach… I think you have one too. I not only love creating healthy and fresh food, I love experimenting with flavours and presentation. You will even have the quadruple wow factor… I will personally and passionately make sure of it.